Turn up the music


Turn up the music, I need  it in my life.

For tonight we’ll be listening to Chris Brown’s awesome song entitled “Turn up the music”. If you’re a fanatic of Chris Brown and if you like to dance just like me then you’ll definitely like this song. Though this songs lyrics is very repetitive what I’ll be blogging about is how the song makes you dance to the beat because I surely am dancing already.

Chris Brown music is very upbeat and almost his songs are about getting up and grooving which I really like. As a dancer it’s very important that the song your listening to puts you into good vibes. Also the music you’re dancing to should be something you’re comfortable with, may it be Jazz, Free Style or Hip Hop like me. Just go with the music and remember that dancing is an art, so it’s also a way to express what you feel. 🙂

Turn it up, Just dance with me

If you love dancing just like me and music has always been part of your life don’t be afraid to express yourself through dancing. Why? because that’s one way on how people will respect you because they’ll see how dedicated you are with what you’re interested in and some of them may even follow you foot steps. That’s how I started when I was in high school, I got recognized because when there’s a dance competition I would always volunteer myself and plus it’s a way to lose weight 😛

Here’s the link to the song fellas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF9db-hQJJw

That’s it for tonight!


NC 🙂



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