Cyber Crime Law

How does Cyber Crime Law affect the way you blog?

For tonight my blog would be a bit different in a way because I will be talking about a more serious topic which is The Cyber Crime Law  here in the Philippines. This has been a serious topic in our government and until now people are still talking about it. So, for tonight I’ll be talking about what is Cyber Crime Law, what it is and how it affects me as a blogger and course my freedom of speech.  


First of all, what is Cyber Crime Law? Well, according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution (Republic Act 10175 Section 2) It is the importance of providing an environment conducive to the development, acceleration, and rational application and exploitation of information and communications technology to attain free, easy, and intelligible access to exchange and/or delivery of information.

The need to protect and safeguard the integrity of computer, computer and communications systems, networks, and databases, and the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data stored therein, from all forms of misuse, abuse, and illegal access by making punishable under the law such conduct or conducts


Yes, it is the prevention of acts such as cybersex, pornography, cyber fraud, etc. thus making the law arguably reasonable, but how about the law stating our basic right of expressing our own thoughts?

Do you think the law itself is a fallacy? 



For us bloggers, expressing our own feelings and speaking our thoughts is what we live for. It gives a whole new meaning to one’s experience. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m not the only one affected by this law. People, not only in the Philippines but all over the world always try to expand and improve their country.

Hearing one’s opinion is one of the best ways, if not the best, of doing it, and bloggers are very civil and good whether it maybe for political, academic and/or personal reasons. The very essence of blogging which is a basic human right (freedom of speech), and the nature of the cyber crime law does not follow logical reasoning.

Ergo, it does affect my way of blogging, or blogging itself as the fact that it contradicts every aspect of what our government wants. And, there’s a huge difference, between what people want, and what people need.

That’s what I think about Cyber Crime Law and how it affects us bloggers. I know my blog is very wrong but then it’s opinionated that’s why feel free to read and leave comments if you wish 🙂

That’s it for tonight!

Ciao! 🙂


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