One and Only You

I’ve been blogging about international singers and their songs for the past 3 weeks but for tonight I decided to change it a bit. For my readers I’ll bring you to the  world of Filipino music because I’m to be PINOY 🙂

Alright, you guys might be thinking of what song I’ll be blogging about. Is it Kamikaze, mymp, Yeng Constantino? Keep guessing 😛 Well, it’s a famous band no other than Parokya ni Edgar. Yes, sounds legit right? but for Filipino’s out there who already know this
band and their style of music I’ll be taking you guys to their different music.

Have you heard of their song “One and Only” I don’t know when this was released or if it’s actually old school but then I recently heard it from my friend and it sounds awesome. Awesome in a way coming from a rock band like Parokya ni Edgar they became sen-ti and settled. Also the song speaks about true feelings and actual situations of people that they can relate to by the end of the day.

“There I was
Thought I had everything figured out
Goes to show just how much I know
‘Bout the way life plays out

I take one step away
But I find myself coming back to you
My one and only, one and only you”

The song tells a story of a guy moving back but then realizes he can’t and finds himself coming back to his true love. This kind of song is very amazing to hear from a rock band like Parokya ni Edgar, not hearing drums or any loud voices but just the guitar and the soothing voice. I appreciated the song very much even though it’s simple and not like the ordinary but then the thought of the song and the story behind it is what matters.

It’s sweet to actually feel loved and feel appreciated by someone. That’s why when someone cares for you so much don’t ever ignore them because one day you might find yourself lost because you were to busy counting the stars. 🙂

Also for boys out there who might feel like this, don’t ever give up as long as you feel that there’s still something left. That’s you still want to try and see her happy in your arms then do so just as long as it’s the right timing. Remember that being honest is the best policy so don’t ever hold what you feel, let it out for we never know the words that are unspoken may lead us to our desired happiness.

Here’s the link to the song:



NC 🙂


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