Prettiest friend

Have you ever felt your love slipping away because you can’t utter and express your true feelings?  Then by the end of the day how you wished that you told him or her everything but then you’re having second thoughts because you’d rather keep the friendship? If yes, then you’ll be able to relate to the song of the day.

Prettiest friend by Jason Mraz 


Do you have a best friend or close friend where in others think you’re a couple but you’re just comfortable with each other? The feelings nice right? but when the day ends you’d rather have that friendship turn into something deeper.

This kind of feeling is very common specially when you have a best friend that you treasure so much but it’s only you who feels more for him or her. This song of Jason Mraz speaks it all for those people who’d rather keep the feelings inside than letting the other person know.


For me those kind of people are worth respecting because they think more of the person they love than their own happiness. They would rather be friends than regret not having any friendship at all. Though we know how much that hurts because even though you’re close you can’t call him or her “mine” or you can’t say how much you love her but you’ll just say “I’m always here for you”. 

But even though things are like that we should still be grateful that we’re able to meet someone like him or her. Let’s always try to be happy for that special someone, let’s not leave their side and even if our heart is aching just keep in mind that you’ll be the one comforting her and protecting her.


And we never know he or she might be feeling the same way and you’ll be meeting half way sooner or later. 🙂 Just be happy and grateful that you have a special bond together and maybe in time everything will fall into place. ❤

BTW, here’s the link to the song:


NC 😉


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