Free time

Have you ever thought how wonderful life is even though we have problems and there are times that we just want to be alone or hide forever? Yes, I believe life is wonderful because EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. ­čÖé

For tonight, I specifically don’t know what I’ll be blogging about but I think I’ll let┬ámy words,┬ámusic and┬ámy feelings do the talking. I’ll ask you guys to listen to “The A Team”┬áby Ed Sheeran as you read┬ámy blog.

Life is like a rosary full of┬ámystery :p but even if it’s like that, those┬ámysteries are what gives us reasons to live and fight. We never know what will happen when life and problems come but we should never forget to hold on and fight. Remember, that it’s okay to cry because it’s not a sign of weakness because since birth crying has been the sign that we’re alive. Alive in a way that we get hurt and we feel what others feel too so don’t think crying is a weakness.

Let’s try to remember that each day is different and let’s┬ámake the┬ámost of it. We┬ámay have problems lingering but then ┬áit will soon past not now but soon it will. There will always be that solution to every problem we just need to learn to dig deeper and wait longer ­čÖé It’s true that “good things come for those who wait”.┬á

That’s it readers, that’s┬ámy blog for tonight. I know it’s a bit odd but I tried to go with what I feel and because of Ed Sheeran’s song this has what I’ve come up. Surely,┬ámusic puts you in a different world and pulls out your true emotion. I guess this is something to thank about because when I listen to┬ámusic I learn to be true to┬ámyself. Even though I hide through┬ámy smile it’s always nice to just be yourself and not having to try to pretend. ­čÖé

Alright folks, that’s it!




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