Right by my side

What if the person meant for you is just there or you just past by them accidentally? Will you grab the chance and settle to have himright by your side? 

Do your recognize the photo above? Well that’s Nicki minaj but that’s not Chris Brown. Alright, the song for tonight is brought to you by Nicki minaj featuring Chris Brown entitled “Right by my side”. I like the song because I find Nicki minaj very interesting and with Chris Brown he’s almost like Ne – yo (another favorite artist of mine).

I-I, I’m not living life
I’m not living right
I’m not living if you’re not by my side

In our life we’ll find that person whom will be the reason why it’s so fun to get up every morning. That person will also be the reason why it will be hard to be apart from him, and that’s what love and true relationship is about. Though feelings like these does not only happen to couples but it can also be between close friends. Bestfriends for a fact are like this, it would be hard for them to part ways or be away from their close friends. It would be hard to eat, sleep and concentrate and sometimes it just shows

The song makes your realize that relationship and feelings like these shows how one can be very important to another. The song is also interesting because this is a different side o Nicki minaj. You might agree because her songs are usually dance, hip hop songs but this one deals with serious emotions which makes it interesting 🙂

Let’s remember that loving someone unconditionally is a gift and that person as well. Let’s learn to appreciate our loved ones until they’re still right by our side.

Here’s the link to the song readers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGT_aw0j-z0

goodnight readers!



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