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“Pretty, pretty please, don’t you ever,

ever feel Like you’re less than, less than perfect

Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel

Like you’re nothing you are perfect to me” 

I guess you already know the title of the song ey? Yes, its’ “Perfect” by  Pink. This is my chosen song for tonight because this is very inspirational and every time I listen to this I learn to stand up and be brave and be proud of my flaws.

This song of Pink is different from the rest of her soundtrack where it’s all girl punk and rock with that it  makes you more interested to the song. Why? because  it’s a different genre and when I heard this way back before I knew it was Pink but it was hard to believe at first.

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The song speaks for itself already and it’s amusing how much lyrics become the reason why you don’t give up. That’s what I think personally because as of today I’ve been facing a lot of problems. This is particularly between my family and I but I always use music and this song as my guide to prove to them (people who underestimate me) that I may not do anything today or tomorrow but someday you’ll be surprise of what I’ll become. When the time comes I’ll be independent and you won’t be able to say ANYTHING NEGATIVE about me and that day would be the time that I’ll be smiling at you and you’ll learn to respect me as an individual.


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Always remember my dear readers that our flaws and imperfection should not be the reason to make us stop. What other people say about you should not get to you, in fact those uttered words should make you stronger. That’s what I do and I always keep in mind that I’m perfect because I’m true to myself and to others and that’s what matters. Never give up and never settle for anything less. We may be mistreated by others but our time will soon come.

We’re FUCKIN’ PERFECT in our own ways” 😉 




The Script

Hello there readers!

How you doing? Alright, here I am again for another blog but like last night I won’t be blogging of a song but it will be about another band that I LOVE which is “The Script”. 

The Script has also been one of  my favorite band because I can very much relate to their songs. Even though they’re a band group and most of their songs are about break ups and hardship of life, their melody and voices is just suiting for me. One of my favorite song from their list is “Talk you down”. 

“Just a cigarette gone, No you couldn’t be that far

So I’m driving in my car where I hope you are

Maybe I can talk you down, Maybe I can talk you down

We’re standing on a tiny ledge, Before this goes over the edge

Gonna use my heart and not my head

And try to open up your eyes this is relationship suicide”

This is the chorus of their song and I think I like this a lot because when I was listening to this song I was broken hearted back then, yes you read the right :p The lyrics speak a lot about my situation and how my relationship was during high school. The feeling of how I wish he’s chasing after me or if I could only let him realize what he meant to me, how I wish I could do the chasing and eventually I can catch with up. Things like that and that’s why I really like The Script because their songs make you realize and understand things. 

The Band has been in the music industry since 2008 and even though it’s only their fourth year I think their songs will still be a hit. The may not be a band whose music are up beat or like Neyo’s song or Justin Bieber but one things for sure their song and band are an inspiration for everyone. To the point of other guys wanting to be like them (famous band) and their songs having tons of inspirational meaning.

That’s it for my blog tonight, don’t forget to check their songs because it’s worth it. 🙂

Ciao readers!

Nc 🙂


Boyce Avenue


Hello readers!

I’m sorry for missing out last night on you guys, got caught up with things but don’t worry I’ll make it up to you. For tonight, I won’t be blogging about my music of day which I normally do. For a change I’ll blog about one of my favorite band which is Boyce Avenue.


I’ve always been a fan of Boyce Avenue since my high school days. Boyce Avenue is an American mainstream rock band and believe it or not they are siblings. The band is composed of Alejandro, Daniel, and Fabian manzano. Also, did you know that the band is actually a combination of two streets that the brothers lived on when they were kids, cool right?

Boyce Avenue in 2007 began posting videos in Youtube and due to that it was the brothers moment to shine. Viewers numbered up to 10,000,000 with that just Imagine how amazing they are. Also the bands songs are not originally composed by them, what they do is they make a cover album for various songs sang by different artists. When they do that there are times that they sing the song better than the original one 😛


Boyce Avenue until now is still pursuing their career and they are very blessed. Though their songs may not be original but the way they sing, blend and interpret the song is just different. making them very unique and awesome band to love! \m/

That’s for it tonight readers! Look out for more only here at my blog site.



Today My Life Begins

According to Bruno Mars we should learn how to make the best out of our life that’s why Today my life begins. 🙂

The song for tonight is from one of my favorite singers Bruno Mars, the song is entitled “Today my life begins”. I’ve chosen this song because I can relate to it and it has become an inspiration for me.

Bruno Mars’ song is an inspirational one that gives people the hope to not stop when life gives you trials. Life may be hard to face and we tend to think of our problems all the time but there’s always a solution. This is what I believe in and what the song is trying to convey.

I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will find me

leave the past behind me, today my life begins,

a whole new world is waiting It’s mine for the taking,

I know I can make it, today my life begins.

The song also teaches us to be strong and learn to move forward. To leave our problems behind because it’s only a challenge and soon we’ll see the rainbow after the storm. The song just gives positive vibes when you listen to it and it’s wonderful how much music can move a person. 🙂

Let’s learn to appreciate life even if we have trials because life is to short to have regrets. Let’s learn to leave our past and prepare for our future and never forget to smile and think positive. 🙂

Bruno Mars’ song has always been about appreciating a person, life and having positive vibes. I think I also like his songs because even though I put a smile on my face when I’m around people deep inside I’m struggling and I have big problems.Though my life is like that I never give up and because of music I get inspiration to do better and prove to others  what I can do. 🙂

and I believe and I know

For my readers who wishes to listen to the song, here’s the link:

Stay positive and keep moving forward 🙂



Call me maybe – Payphone mash up

Hey readers!

Are you ready for another awesome blog for tonight? Well, I am because I’ll be showcasing to you one awesome mash up song by Jessica Jarrell and James Alan. I’m sure you’ll get hooked up to this song and you’ll have this in repeat once you’ve listened to it 😉

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Have you heard the famous song Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen and Payphone by Maroon 5? If not it’s your time to listen to the song but in a different way, the mash up way! If you look at the picture above you can see 2 actual payphone on the set, you might be wondering whats a payphone doing there? Besides the idea that the other song is entitled Payphone, well believe it or not they used those 2 as instruments. Awesome isn’t it!

It’s partnered with Call me maybe because it deals with a payphone and you use it to call a person. Ironic right? (hahaha) Now, as you listen to the song you’ll be seeing and hearing how creative the crew and singers were in incorporating different objects as instruments. Imagine a table turned into a drum, a payphone as a beat box and jingle sound; those things in a music video are very rare.

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Besides the creativity shown the blending of voices from Jessica Jarrell and James Alan is just perfect. They know how to sing with a twist and they somehow sound like Rihanna and Adam Levine which made me more in love with the song :”) I guarantee you (my dear readers) that this mash up song is worth listening and downloading. It also makes you want to be creative because of the video 🙂

If you guys want to listen to the song here’s the link:

Alright, that’s it for tonight! Don’t forget to listen to the song!



Kiss and Tell

       “Are you gonna kiss and tell?”

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Good morning!

How you doing my awesome readers? Alright, NC’s in the house again to give you guys another blog and song of day. So, are you ready? and “Are you gonna kiss and tell?” 😉 

The song for today is entitled Kiss and Tell by Justin Bieber, I know some people are not into JB but then this is the first time that I’ve listened to this song and it’s not bad at all. I was able to find this song as I was scrolling over Youtube videos and I thought “Hey,  why not write about a song that depicts the life of teenagers?” and I think this one fits it perfectly.

Love life of teenagers now a days especially for the ones who’s in high school are simple and not yet into the serious level. Though I’m not saying that all of couples are like this, it’s just from my opinion. I also think this song can relate to teenagers because some of the lyrics goes like this

Just keep it quiet, keep it on the hush and what we do,

keep it just between us I don’t wanna see you tweet about JB’

Cause the only people that should know is you and me

So tell me, tell me are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell?

Tell me are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell?

Tell me are you gonna kiss me, then tell everybody

You got me twisted with your lips,

girl are you gonna kiss and tell?

The song is straight to the point and I like the weird beat and lyrics. It somehow fascinates me in same way that’s hard to explain. (Hahaha) Try listening to it even if you’re not a Justin Bieber fan, you never know you might like it as well.

That’s for todays blog readers, don’t forget to read and remember without music life would be an error 😉



Kiss me slowly

Good Evening readers! 🙂

I was suppose to blog this morning but then things got caught up with me and my relatives so forgive me for the late blog. For tonight, I’ll be posting one of my favorite songs for this year and it’s all about LOVE, yes. L.O.V.E. :”)

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For tonight, the song is brought to you by Parachute entitled Kiss me slowly.  Here’s the chorus to give you guys a hint of how sweet and meaningful the song is.

“Well, I’m not sure where this is gonna be

but with my eyes closed, all I see is the

skyline, through the window, the moon above

you and the streets below.

Hold my breath as you’re moving in,

Taste your lips and feel your skin,

when the time comes baby don’t run

just kiss me slowly.”

 I can definitely feel the love and isn’t it wonderful to just have that feeling? If I were you, I’ll download the song already, loop the soundtrack and listen to it tonight! :> Now, continuing with my blog it’s true that problems or negative vibes can be drawn away because of love and I’m sure we have all experienced that. Love just keeps the world moving 🙂 

Now, for this song I think it has captured its main purpose or story which is spreading love and making the listeners understand what it’s trying to convey. Basically, it’s about a couple who’s struggling in keeping their relationship but the guy says “Darling,  you don’t have to run, you don’t have to go, just stay with me…”

The song entails that no matter how hard the situation is between a couple as long as their love remains true and faithful nothing else matters. When they’re together the only thing that they need is each others company and they can’t see anything else but the eyes of their loved one. For me this type or kind of song is just fascinating though love songs is very common but then this has a twist.


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 Twist in the means of the words in the song, other loved songs that are sang by band groups are either about break up or moving on but then this is different. Love is still there and even though they have problems may it be small or big as long as they have their love, it’s the one that binds them together. That’s what special about this song and also the instruments used are not heavy typed even though it’s a band and I just love listening to the song over and over and over and over…

If you guys are just the same as me who loves listening to this type of song I’m sure you’ll love it!

Well, that’s it readers! I’ll be posting more so stay tuned and stay in love! ❤